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Card Machine Integration

We now support full integration between our software “Lexpos Retailer” and PaymentSense (Merchant Services provider).

If this is something you would be interested in, give us a call on 01254 582456 and we will give you all the information you need to get integrated!

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Clock In/Out

You can now use Lexpos Retailer to record how long you work each day.

To do this simply click the Clock In/Out button on the log in screen:

After clicking this button, scan your log in card or type in your log in code to register that you are clocking in/out of the system.

Note: If you haven’t clocked in, the system will clock you in, if you are already clocked in, the system will clock you out.

To view timing records collected by clocking in/out, simply go to the reports tab and select “Clock In/Out Report”:

Or select this icon on the main sales screen:

To generate a report use the two panels on the left to select which user(s) you would like and the time scale you would like to cover (you can use the “preview” button to get a preview of what the report will look like).

Once you are happy with the user(s) selected and the date range, use the “Send to Report” button to produce a report that tells you how much the user(s) worked throughout the specified date range.

Note: If a user fails to log out on a day, the time sheet/report will be left blank and the report will have to be manually altered to reflect the missing time.

Lexpos Retailer Assistant

The Lexpos Retailer Assistant App is available on the Android Play Store right now!

When you first download the app you will be asked to input your Till/EPOS ID, this can be found here, just below the log in box.

After that, all you have to do is scan each product you want to modify using the camera of your mobile phone, then input any values you wish to update (leave any that you don’t want changing blank).

Once you have finished go back to Lexpos and select the button shown in the image below:

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Automate Cheapest Supplier

You can now ask Lexpos to set your stock suppliers for you to make sure always get the cheapest price.

To do this you must first go to the System Settings tab:

Next select the Ordering tab and check the box labelled “Automate Cheapest Supplier” as seen in the image below:

Finally, press the “OK” button and once you receive your next wholesaler update, your chosen suppliers will be updated accordingly.

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NHS Customer Surveys

You can now complete all the requirements for submitting NHS customer surveys using Lexpos Retailer.

To access the “Customer Survey” feature simply click the “Reports” tab and then select the button shown in the image below:

Clicking this button will bring up the Survey report window, from here you can use the “+ New Questionnaire” button to input a new questionnaire or the “Print Email Save” button to generate a report of all the questionnaires you have entered during the date range selected at the top right of the window.

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Shortcut Buttons

To set/update your shortcut buttons you must first go to the “setup” tab and then select the “System Settings” button as shown below:

Next you must go to the Stock Tab, from there you can select each button and customize it to your liking:

Upon clicking one of the buttons you will see be able to select which item you would like to link to the button, first click the select button, then select the item in your stock list that you would like to link to the button.

Next add a descriptive name to the “Button Text” text box, once you are happy with your new button click the “Save” button to save it.

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Retail Price Markup

To access the Retail Price Markup window go to the tools tabs and select the button shown below:

This will bring up the Retail Price Markup window. Here you can select whether you want prices marking up based on the items RRP price or trade price as given by C&D.

You can then choose if you would like to “normalise” which will round prices to the nearest #.#0, #.#5 or #.#9.
Finally you can chose whether to update only P medicines, only GSL lines or all products.

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Ordering at a glance

This small change allows you to see how much of a selected product you have sold in the past month straight from the order pad. Simply select an item on the order pad by left clicking on it and then look at the indicated part of the screen as shown in the image below to quickly check how many of the selected product were sold in the past 30 days.

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