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This is where you will set up how your Orders will be sent.

Automatic Ordering

Under this heading you have three options to choose from.

Add all items to order automatically when sold:- When the automatic option is selected, for every item sold, Lexpos is permitted to order more automatically.

Add all items to order manually:- When this option is selected, you will then have to place every individual item on the Order Pad and send the order manually.

Use individual setting on each item:- When this option is selected, ordering will be based on the individual setting for a single item, this is edited on the Stock Master screen.

Order Master Behaviour

Under this heading you have two fields to complete.

Allow price change from order master:- When this option is ticked, this will allow you to change prices from the order screen

Default Supplier:- Please use the drop down box to select your preferred default supplier.


Under this heading you have a field reading

Warn if order quantity exceeds (0 for unlimited)

A warning message will be displayed while saving the order if the ordered quantity exceeds the mentioned limit that you will be entered into the field. This prevents accidental over ordering of a product caused by accidentally typing the wrong quantity (e.g. typing 100 instead of the intended 10). If you would like to have no limit on your ordering enter 0 in the specified field.

Supplier Rules

Supplier Rules is used to distribute your sold items onto the relevant order pads.

To set up supplier rules, click “ADD” this will generate a new pop up box.

You now have numerous options for setting up supplier rules.

Product Name Contains In this field you can type any name, for example “Crisps”

Manufacturer Select a manufacturer from the drop down list

Department Select a department from the drop down list

Category Select a category from the drop down list

When you have completed the relevant field you now need to go to the Use Supplier field and select the supplier you wish to use.

Then Press Save

If you wish to use Supplier Rules for all your items then please press the “Set all items to use supplier rules”.

You can “Edit”, “Delete”, “Move Up” and “Move Down” any of your supplier rules by pressing the relevant box.


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