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Sales Setup

On this screen you will be able to change and set up what you want to happen when you make a sale including options including behaviour, your Z-read specification and the types of payment you want to allow, it also allows you to set up a loyalty card scheme if desired.


Under this heading you will see 7 boxes that you can check or uncheck and one field were you can input text.

Update Stock On Held Sales

When the bill is temporarily suspended, this option allows stock to be updated if the box is checked.

Log Out After Every Sale

If this box is checked, you will be logged out of the system after every sale.

Confirm Price Of New Items

When you scan a new item for the first time, a box will open asking if you want to confirm the recommended selling price either with C+D or the Wholesaler price guide. If you don’t want your system to do this uncheck the box.

Print Receipt

If this box is checked, the receipt will be printed.

Warn When Item Out Of Stock

If this box is checked, when you sell an item it will warn you that the stock level is low and that after the sale the item will be out of stock.

Warn On Sale Below Cost Price

If this box is checked it will warn you when the items sale price is below the cost price of the item.

Print VAT On Bills

By checking this box, VAT details will be printed on the receipt.

Warn If The Sale Quantity Exceeds

Enter the quantity desired in the field and it will alert you when you try to sell/order above this limit.


Under this heading you will see 7 options.

Force Tendered Amount Entry

By ticking this box you will enable a pop up box to appear when pressing the cash button on the sales screen, so staff members will have to insert the amount of money the customer has given them into the system.

Print Chits For NoSale Payouts

By ticking this box, when a no sale is completed a receipt will be printed.

Cash Drawer Open Detection

By ticking this box you will allow the system to recognise when the cash drawer is open and will not allow staff members to continue using Lexpos Retailer until the cash drawer has been closed.

Show Financial Summary On Z Read

Ticking this box will enable the financial summary to be seen on the Z Read, such as mark up, profit etc. If you leave this un-ticked this information will not be shown.

Allow User To Suspend Z Read

Having this boxed ticked allows Z reads to be suspended.

Email Z Read To

If you enter an email address into this box a copy of every Z Read run will be forwarded to the nominated email address.

Default Float Amount

Entering an amount into this box will enable the Z Reads to automatically enter your float amount into the Float field. If your float is £30 a day please enter 3000, £50 would be 5000 etc etc

Allowed Payment Types

Here you will see 3 options, Cash, Credit Card and On Account. Ticking these boxes allows Lexpos Retailer to accept these payment methods.

Payment Behaviour

Allow Payment Above The Customer Credit Limit If a customer has an account, checking this box will allow the customer to go over the pre-decided credit limit set for them. If you do not want this to happen, un-tick the box.

Enforce Responsible Pharmacist Rules When this box is ticked Lexpos Retailer will not allow the sale of a prescription medication unless a responsible pharmacist is on site. They would need to log in with there card provided so the system would then recognise that a responsible pharmacist was present.

Warn On Each Pharmacy-Only Sale When this box is ticked Lexpos Retailer will warn that “P” Items have to have a pharmacy present for the sale.

Loyalty Cards

This section will allow you to set up a loyalty card scheme. These loyalty cards are provided by Lexpos Retailer. When a customer makes a purchase, you would scan their loyalty card so they would gain points. There are three fields in this section.

Earn One Point For Each……Spent In this field you should input a numerical value you choose to the value of one point. So for example if you entered 1.00, for every pound spent the customer would earn a point on their loyalty card.

Each Point Is Worth.. In this field you would input the monetary value for a point for when the customer would like to redeem his/her points. For example 0.10 would mean each point is equal to ten pence.

Redeem Points In Multiples Of.. Her you set the amount that you wish for points to be redeemed in. eg. 10 is 10p and 100 is £1.